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La Roche sur Foron is a lively and dynamic market town with a population of 12,000. It lies at the foot of the French Alps in the historical Haute Savoie department of south east France.

The lovingly restored medieval town centre, beautifully decked in flowers, packs 1,000 years of history into its walls and ranks La Roche as one of the “100 prettiest detours in France”.

The International Exhibition Centre and the annual Mont Blanc Fair give it important economic status in the region.



Its location at the foot of the French Alps and close to Geneva (30 minutes by car to the airport), Mont Blanc and Annecy makes La Roche sur Foron an ideal base for a holiday and a perfect place to live.

Why not extend your stay beyond the festival to visit one of Europe's most beautiful mountain and lake regions. The Tourist Office of La Roche sur Foron will be happy to help you organise your trip with information on air and rail travel, car rental, hotel, B&B or camping, as well as planning local excursions or mountain walks.

Book early! Accommodation becomes hard to find around festival weekend.

An unofficial campsite with shower and toilet facilities is set up specially for the festival, near the town centre and next to a supermarket and the municipal swimming pool. To stay in the campsite over the festival, please contact the Tourist Office. No reservations: first come, first served

La Roche also has a camping car relief station and parking area. There is no official campsite



This is an important part of any festival and it is especially important for La Roche Bluegrass Festival because it provides our primary source of income.

Food is locally sourced and exclusively prepared, cooked and served by our own team of volunteer helpers, in full compliance with hygiene norms and standards as approved daily by the local health inspection authority.

You will find a tasty selection of standard festival fare such as burgers, hot dogs and the best French fries on the festival circuit, as well as salads, pancakes and ices.
We also offer a choice of home made American and Savoyard meals such as Jambalaya, Saussages in White Wine sauce, Croziflette (local pasta in cheese sauce), Chili con Carne, ...
Not forgetting the fabulous spit roast ham cooked on a huge, upright barbecue rotisserie.

To wash it all down, try one of the award-winning beers from our local brewery, Brasserie du Mont Blanc, sodas, fruit juices and French wines, or enjoy a relaxing glass in our champagne bar.

If you want a change try some of the excellent eateries around the town centre, just a short stroll away.

But remember, everything you eat or drink on the festival site is contributing to our income and so to the future success of the festival.

We thank you for your patronage!

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La Roche Bluegrass Festival
Facts & Figures

20 minutes from Annecy: The "Venice of France" and Europe's purest fresh water lake

30 minutes from Geneva: International city and airport, home of the UN and the Red Cross, with its beautiful alpine lake and world famous fountain

45 minutes from Chamonix and Mont Blanc: the birthplace of mountaineering and Europe's highest peak

100 minutes from Lyon: France's second city, international airport and high speed rail link to Paris and the Mediterannean sea

La Roche is a small market town and the festival site is in the centre of town. You cannot miss it!
La Roche Google Maps

Tourist bureau: +33 450 033 668

Figures for 2015 (2006 = Y1)

Meals sold (home cooked dishes, burgers, sausages, etc.) in units = 12,500 (3,300)

Beer, wine, cider (glasses) = 27,580 (4,300)

Soft drinks (glasses) = 9,000 (2,500)

CD sales (units) = 764 (200)

Volunteers = 205 (80)

Estimated audience over 4 days (no ticket sales) = 16,000 (6,000)


Tourist Office

Accommodation in La Roche

Email Tourist Office

Email Festival

Email Market Manager

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This is a family friendly festival and, while the music can be enoyed by all generations, we recognise that you may not want to spend the whole day in front of the stage watching and listening to Bluegrass.

That is why we also organise many other things to do on and around the festival site for your entertainment and amusement.

Festival Market & Luthier's Hall

These include a large festival market, where you can browse and buy clothes, jewellery and other crafts, artefacts and trinkets from around the world.
In town, there is the second hand comic book and record sale all weekend.
To exhibit at the festival market, contact our
market supervisor.

We also have a luthier's hall where some beautiful hand crafted instruments can be tried out and bought form some great luthiers.

You will also be able to buy musical instrument accessories such as strings, capos, straps, stands ....

Kid's Corner

As a family festival it is equally important not to forget the kids and we have established a dedicated Kid's Corner . Here they can spend time in the "musical garden", a great place for discovering different ways of making sounds, and play with a selection of traditional wooden toys that go back many years and even centuries (parents can join in too).

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Accredited journalists have access to the Vivendi VIP Tent where they can interact with musicians, partners and organisers of the festival.

For those who come far, the Tourist Office can help you find accommodation nearby.

For photographers, access to the Stage Pit is restricted. 2 photographers have personal access badges. Backstage security has 4 more badges to give out to photographers presenting a Press badge (no more than 4 may go at once). When leavning the pit badges must be returned to security for the next person. Please do not stay too long so everyone can have a go!

Click here to download the press accreditation request form.

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