Authenticity: 100% hand made, acoustic music played on guitars, banjos, fiddles, mandolins, dobros and with impeccable harmony singing, passed down through the generations in family and community jam sessions.

Virtuoso: Bluegrass music may look easy superficially, but it takes great talent to hit the sweet spot with no artefacts or electronic enhacements.

Innovation: In constant evolution, with roots and branches, Bluegrass grew out of the traditions of Appalachian mountain music and continues to grow absorbing influences from jazz, rock, reggae and even classical music.

Sharing: The “jam session” remains an important feature of Bluegrass culture, where professionals and amateurs love to share their music in improvised playing sessions long into the night.

“La Roche Bluegrass Festival is, and will always be, free because we believe in being open and accessible to all comers” - Didier Philippe, co-founder and head of operations

The festival has been steadily growing since 2006 and it is our goal to be the most important bluegrass event in Europe. To achieve and maintain this position we need to attract top artists from Europe and the USA with the best playing conditions so they continue enjoy this festival dedicated 100% to Bluegrass music.

63% of our income is self generated through the food and beverage bars, the workshop, and the market and merchandising outlets, all managed by our 200 volunteers. The rest comes through public (15%) and private (22%) partnerships.

La Roche sur Foron has taken this festival and its music to heart because the values it carries are close to those of the region and the town (see box right).

If you want to share these values and become a part of the event, there are different ways you can contribute to the enduring success of La Roche Bluegrass Festival

To learn more about the origins and history of the festival
see our History & Archive pages



We are extremely proud of our 200 volunteers who work hard to ensure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed. They are a major factor in the success of the festival. Musicians and visitors alike praise the warm welcome and friendly smiles of the teams, and their ability to deal efficiently with most questions about organisaltional aspects of the festival.

The volunteers themselves love what they do, thrive on the teamwork and enjoy meeting all the musicians and visitors from around the world. There is no doubt that this event holds a special place in the hearts of the volunteer helpers, who come back year after year to relive those wonderful moments.
See the slideshow of them at work ...

Download our Volunteer's Charter here.
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volunteer manager.

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The festival is managed, under non-profit association Roch'événements, by an organising committee of 15 people, all of whom play key roles in various commissions that make up the full organisation of the festival (see box left).

Three committee members are elected to the board as chair, treasurer and secretary.

Christopher Howard-Williams - Chair & Artist Manager
Didier Philippe - Treasurer & Head of Operations
Christine Paubel - Secretary & Volunteer Manager

The main job of the committee is to set direction and take the major decisions put forward by the task force commissions.

The committee meets once every 3 months during the year and every two weeks in the two months prior to the festival.

La Roche Bluegrass Festival
Facts & Figures

How to help the festival

Serve on the committee
Become a Volunteer
Become a Partner
Join the Association

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15 people serve on the festival committee

205 volunteers worked during festival 2016.
Equivalent to XX full time workers for YY days. We thank them for their energy and passion

Festival Task Force commissions

Food and Beverage (2 commissions)
Programme selection and band reception
Band accommodation
Bluegrass workshop
Transport and transfers
Site infrastructure and security
Stage, sound and lighting
Communication and partnerships
Market, activities and attractions
Sustainable development
Merchandise outlets

See the Slideshow
of our Volunteers at Work


We are fortunate to have a number of institutions, organisations, enterprises and individuals who have chosen to support us in various ways, either by providing funds directly or through an exchange of services.

Different partnership packages are available from VIP Premium partners to our Local Patrons Club that offer a variety of advantages from naming rights on a part of the festival (Vivendi VIP Tent) to logo on the stage and festival programme.

All packages include access to the Vivendi Tent for partners and guests with food and drink vouchers.

Click for info on Premium Partnerships

Click for info on Local Patrons Club

Contact our patnership manager .

And take a few minutes to meet our current partners


Without becoming an official partner it is still possible help the festival by becoming an active member of the association for a minimum contribution of 10 Euros (there is no maximum!).

The first 100 people who join each year may choose one CD from the fine selection provided by our partner Vivendi from their excellent catalogue of contemporary and traditional Bluegrass music.

To join now, please click here.

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